Sunday, October 29, 2017

Almost there....

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Hear me rant about long distance
A sunday morning ode about my grievance
I'm trying to deal with my love's absence
He is cracking inane jokes about flatulence

Normal workday it is, typical tuesday
But I’m so excited my love is on the way
A candle light dinner and I'm chatting away
He starts to yawn - you know, flight delay

I'm out with friends dining alfresco
My love calls to ask - “should I buy avocado?”
Step out and back - conversation no more status quo
I'm neither here nor there - always in limbo

Been squabbling all night, I've heard his side
I start to make my case with arguments compiled
He hung up! when he calls again, woe betide
Hours later, texts - “sorry love... phone died”

Following one’s true passion seems so cliche
Angrily I asked "Why are you so far away?"
"Same to you..." my love replied sotto voce
I smiled and grudgingly responded - “touche”

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  1. Very well written.I liked it immensely.You should have included Abhi's latest explanation why he shits immediately after he speaks to you.