Friday, June 24, 2016

Indian Food Puns

My Family and I just had a very long thread with Indian food puns. It was tremendous pun.

Disclaimer: Around 5 of these puns are plagiarized.

I wanted to start this thread with Indian food puns because I have a lot of tricks upma sleeve.

Man,go for it!

I knew you'd rice to the occasion.

C'mon guys, don't sit and watch idly.

Naan can escape Abhi's wrath

Great work Pavi! Keep em cumin

You just have to make a saag of everything!

Don't pista husband off!

Gheeee... calm down

Your earlier puns were awful, but this one was sitaphal.

Aam warning you guys - stop!

Before we stop, lassi what the others can do.

Abhi, next time we meet, brinjal movie downloads you have.

Akki to keep this going may be to include non-Indian foods too.

A hot cup is really kafi for me.

Don't let any one of us stop you Dr. Abhiram Natarajan, PachaDi
PS: saar ee, I couldn't do batter

Dieting shows carroter.

When Abhi started this, I clearly saw samosa behind this.

Many people want to hittu Abhi

Poppy Abhi

Why the anger against me? I'm a paneer of this form of humour.

Why this happla about Abhi?

He is such a payasa man

Abhi my pal,ya don't take their kaalu pulling seriously

Pavi you think I am your pal? Semiya!

Balu uncle, don't call me pious, it makes me feel barfi.

Abhi has bean muttering all day

I knew you were capable of coming up with good puns. I just kulfi it.

This thread is looking real guud.

Agree, although some peepul are trying to orange a closure of the thread.

We just need to pepper up this conversation.

Yes, otherwise this thread kadai.

Abhi, don't you have an egg-jam coming up soon?

Yes, but I am trying to curry some favour.

Bangalore is so hot that shavige nalli neere saaku.

Yes, such temperatures haven't been seen for a lavang time.

Bangalore folks are  such avalakki lot...

Yes, avakai of people are blessed.

Keep calm and curry on (punning).

It's heartening to see that all of you sev the best for last.

Is that samosa be funny?

This thread is turning me naan.

Hmmmm... What is the final thali of puns?

Neevu yaaru nannanna mudde maadtilla.

Haha abhi neenu yeshtu kootu

I won't ever say enough to puns. I'll always scream - momo.

My favourite kind of movies are the gorikai.

Aaah Pavi, you thought you could get away, but I kaju unawares.

Abhi says, "Yaaroo mudde madtilla!": Actually he is suffering from kismis.

There have been some poor attempts, but the previous one was soppu.

We have a total of 60 puns asafoetoday.

Cmon guys, aamchur you guys can come up with better ones.

Before I sing next time, I should check masoor.

This is oota nonsense.

I must tel you guys to stop.

Utter naansense - we are doing all right.

If I had to rank pavi's puns, I'd plesarattu.

Sarayu is a keetle-hennu

please romaine calm

Good idea, Lettuce try and branch out a bit.

Ee messages nodi naanu tumba dhaniyanaadey.

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