Friday, October 23, 2015

Geeking with the family

I shared the comic below with my family. It resulted in a chain of hilarious emails. I documented a few.

  • Was it sine-d with your name? Bwahahahahhaha
  • I was too 'tan'ned to sign..
  • Was it 'cos' you were out in the sun?
  • I will 'cosine' it in a 'sec' ;)
  • Bit derivative eh Pavi?
  • No, it's quite integral
  • I must admit that it was partially derivative
  • You were 'cot' in the act! :P
  • Stop with all the 'hyperbolic' talk people...
  • This conversation has become too 'tangential'
  • I like the 'equation' we have as a family.
  • Let's all meet at the next 'function'
  • Why do you 'constantly' say that?
  • Side note - is Poppy a constant as his initial is 'K'?
  • Yes, but don't 'differentiate' me. I'm not an 'integrated zero', either.
  • You are but a 'fraction' of your former self.
  • If you are a 'fraction', then you are not 'natural', you are 'whole'.
  • How 'irrational'!
  • Hope that heuristically speaking, you'll all discover that you are mere 'surds' and uninteresting 'prime nos'.
  • This is the 'limit'!
  • It is rather out of 'proportion', yes. 
  • In all 'probability', we are going to run out of ideas very soon...
  • This conversation is now a bit 'disjoint'
  • You all need new clothes, so you must go to a 'Taylor'.
  • Are ya Bhatta?
  • Bhas-kar!
  • The root of anything 'negative' will always be 'imaginary'
  • In 'sum', we can say that this is utter nonsense.
  • This is a 'prime' conversation.
  • Actually, I think it is rather 'odd'.
  • The references are not '4n' to me.
  • The 'progression' of this conversation is not 'harmonic' at all!
  • I hope that we all 'converge' to a conclusion. This is getting way too 'complex'.
  • I can't 'count' on you guys to make sense.
  • The 'principal' subject of this conversation has changed so many times that I'm losing 'interest'
  • Yes, my disinterest has been 'compounded' many times too.
  • Is the compounding 'regressive' or 'progressive'? 
  • People are not doing it the right way; sentences are not 'calculated'
  • Appa's mathematical puns are  not 'congruent' with the everyone else's.
  • I am going to stop monitoring this conversation and just eat some 'pi' instead as this conversation is getting too 'divergent'.

If you can come up with more, please do leave them in the comments section. I would love to read yours. :-)

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