Monday, September 27, 2010

I want to be a ...

Recently I happened to be a part of a discussion, where in they were discussing about giving awards and recognition to people who have done something good/better than the others, so that it would motivate them and everybody around them.I personally disagree to that. I felt it would only result in group-ism and complexes.This is of course a totally different debate! My thought process as usual went right to the roots and I started wondering..

What motivates a person to do something??
After a lot of thinking and analysis (bounded by my own perceptions and knowledge) I came to the conclusion that there are only 3 types of motivation -

1) Passion driven.
2) Necessity driven - generally financial necessity
3) Ego booster - People who want to prove to the others that they are better ( remember chatur of 3 idiots? :P ) , for the sake of social acceptance and the like..

Whatever other factors came to my mind, all of them fell into one of these three categories.
Then I wondered why I feel motivated to do something, then I change my mind, then I shift to something else and that continues.. I have such a short lived motivation for the many things that I do. I see around me people of my age or less who are so definite about what they want to do/become in life, whereas here I am, feeling just the way I felt at school when somebody asked me -"What do you want to be when you are older?" and a hundred different things came to my mind and I fancied being something different each day! I feel exactly the same way even today.

After a little more thinking and analysis, I concluded that probably I haven't found 'The Thing' I want to do in my life. Also, that its best to continue experimenting and exploring so that in every experiment I learn something more about myself. Hopefully, one day I ll just know what I want to become! :-)


  1. Knowing want we want to become and knowing who we really are is indeed the toughest nut to crack!

  2. @ashwin - thank you :D
    @hemanth - yes of course!

  3. Pavi..

    One quote on motivation..
    "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar.

    Regarding finding the 'the thing', yes, it is one of the most difficult questions to be answered.. I totally agree with your opinion about the best way to answer the question is by "exploring and experimenting...". All the best.. :)

  4. I personally have always known what I want to be. It is just that it changes too often :)

  5. Nice one........I till today remember the wierd answers we used to spit out when somebody asked us what we want to become when we grow older. However I feel anybody at that age will have very little idea about goals and ambitions. But the sad thing is that even though you might have a definate aim, there may arise circumstances that will stop you from becoming what you want to be. So I think it is good to not set any standards or expectations for ourselves and go with the flow........

  6. @pooja - I agree that is one way of leading life, but I feel in that way we dont really utilize our potential. We just let things be as it is. We dont get the satisfaction of having achieved something.For lifetime we will remaind dissatisfied with ourselves. But of course it all depends on perception.:-)