Friday, February 5, 2010


According to Vedanta, the three fundamentals of life are "Brahmacharya" (Self Control), "Ahimsa"(Non Injury) and "Satya"(truth). These values and conduct of living are essentially the same in all religions.The three disciplines refer to the layers of our personality physical,emotional and intellectual respectively.
The meaning of Brahmacharya has been distorted over centuries and finally come down to abstinence from sexual life which is totally wrong.It just means restraining oneself from excessive indulgence.
Secondly, Ahimsa which is not just non violence or "not pain causing". A doctor causes physical pain while operating but his intentions are pure. So it is just non injury on an emotional level.
Thirdly, Satya is for living up to one's own ideals and convictions. All of us would have set some ideals but most of us do not follow it, Satya is being honest to one's own self and not compromise on them.
A person who follows all the three will have a great power in him That kind of power gives him confidence to achieve anything!!
The only person who comes to my mind when I think of all this is Mahatma Gandhi. I remember reading his autobiography when I was in school. I have forgotten most of it now but one thing I do remember is this, he said- "The real seat of taste is not the tongue but the mind".
I have tried emulating him ,failed miserably though. I always wonder what kind of tremendous power he felt within him which gave him so much confidence to lead an entire nation. In spite of living in the same world we live in he had the will power to live up to the ideals specified in the Vedanta. Gandhiji, you are my super hero! :)


  1. "A doctor causes physical pain while operating but his intentions are pure." - Nice :)

  2. Emulating Mahatma? ;) It takes amazing strength to say no to copying, that too to your teacher, in third standard. Wish I'd got to be with him once. Our bad! :(

  3. @ashwin and abhi - Thanks! :)
    @sharma- yes, i try but fail everytime.. i get back at is really very difficult to restrain from that. :(